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The minimum requirement for regular admission to Chiba University is a high school diploma or equivalent, which means at least twelve years of primary and secondary education. In addition, non-native speakers of Japanese must demonstrate Japanese Language proficiency.

Bachelor of Arts program

Research students

Research students are non-degree students who pursue research on a topic of their choice under the supervision of a faculty advisor.
The Faculty of Letters requires applicants to submit a Preliminary Eligibility Screening Form in order to confirm 1) the nature and contents of the proposed research, and 2) the academic abilities, including Japanese proficiency, of the applicant. The information supplied on the form will also be used to determine faculty availability.


Applicants are not required to contact and/or obtain the consent of a faculty member beforehand. If the applicant wishes to work with a particular faculty member, please write his/her name in the Preliminary Eligibility Screening Form. Certification to apply to be a research student will be granted to applicants who submit the Preliminary Eligibility Screening Form in the period specified in the Application Guidebook, and who pass the screening.

Exchange program, Scholarships, Housing and Special Facilities

Center for International Education

International Support Desk

International Student Division

International Students' Room at the Faculty

The Faculty of Letters has an International Students' Room, where tutors are on duty every day. They are all graduate students at the Graduate School of Humanities and help new students learn about Chiba University, improve their Japanese and make friends with Japanese students.